Devos for A Strange, New World – Ants and Home School

Everyone’s life has changed drastically in the past few weeks. All schooling is done from home. Most businesses are limited or closing. There is a curfew of 8pm-5am in NJ. And most people are expressing confusion, anxiety, and/or pride. It feels like a strange, new world. How does God expect you to live now? We will answer this question over the next few devos.

Schooling from home is a huge change. Many of you were forced to transition from public or private school to isolated home school. What does God expect of you at your new school? Proverbs 6:6-11 tells us; hard work, preparation, and joy.

Proverbs directs our attention to an ant. The ant exemplifies wise work. The ant does not need supervision to work hard. The ant prepares for the future. The ant rises early and prioritizes work over rest. The ant reaps the reward of his hard work.

Long story short, the ant is not lazy. The ant works hard, prepares to work hard, and enjoys the fruit of his work. In your new school laziness is tempting. You may think, “Since I have no supervision, I’ll take it easy.” Or, “I’ll get around to my school eventually… but for now I’m checking Instagram.” Or, “This is stupid… I’ll play video games instead.” Each of these reveals laziness; in idleness, in procrastination, and in prioritization. God’s will is that you forsake laziness and work hard with joy.

This is tough, but knowing that you have an all-seeing, all-knowing, all-present God helps. He not only supervises you, but He ensures that your joy comes when you work hard. We work hard, prepare to work hard, and prioritize hard work when we believe that God rewards hard work with joy.

What is tempting you to be lazy with your school work?

Where are you prioritizing school work?

How can you prepare to work hard?

What joy is there for those who work hard?

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