Winter Retreat 2020 Lesson Recaps

Mark 1:1 – The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Lesson 1 – Mark 1:1-8

Jesus is none other than the Son of God who has come to live, die, and offer forgiveness to the all who will come to enter his kingdom. Jesus is the Christ. He is the one who will deliver God’s people from their sins. To prepare the hearts of His people, John the Baptizer tells them of God’s kingdom and shows humility to Christ’s authority.

Lesson 2 – Mark 1:14-20

The Gospel of God is the good news of Christianity. Every word spoken and action undertaken in Jesus’ earthly life was done to bring sinners to repentance and instruct them in the gospel of God. Jesus himself brought the Kingdom to earth in flesh and blood. There is only one proper response to hearing the message of the gospel: repentance, which is turning away from sin and towards the forgiveness of God in Christ. We see a tangible example of such turning in the example of James and John, who left everything they had ever known to turn and follow Jesus.

Lesson 3 – Mark 1:29-45

Jesus has ultimate authority over everything and reveals it in many ways right from the beginning. The same God that created the world is contained in Christ who, by his acts of healing and mercy, is restoring things back to the way they should be. He is here to “Seek and to save the lost” – Jesus’ preaching shows that he has authority to teach the Word. His casting out demons demonstrates his authority over the power of evil. And his healing for the leper reveals his compassion for the broken and downtrodden.

Lesson 4 – Mark 2:1-12

Jesus’ authority and actions are not appreciated by everyone (both back then and today). The paralytic’s friends show a desperation to get to Jesus for they believe that he can heal. As hard as this paralytic man’s life was he faced a much worse eternity apart from the forgiveness of his sins. Jesus knows what is most important for this man and addresses his primary need immediately, healing his sick heart before his sick limbs. Then Jesus provides the external proof of physical healing to demonstrate that the internal healing had also taken place. When God truly works in our lives, our heart posture should be one of amazement and glorifying God.

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