Designed for Purity 12 – Living in Purity

God’s Design for Pure Living

God’s design and mandate for purity is for his glory and our good

Even though sexual sin haunts our hearts and culture, the believer is called to purity

Through the power of the Spirit, the Christian is freed and healed from sin – Rom 8

The Christian simultaneous realizes, believes, and lives their freedom and healing to live purely


Modeling Purity in Your Family

Modeling purity is an active thing. Action implicitly there’s a problem and it needs fixing

The alternative is “status quo” and hiding

Both children and adults can model purity and taking sin seriously to each others and peers

The lead always starts and persists from the parents

Parents cultivate an environment where sexual sin is dealt with in the cross by dealing with their sin in the cross and being honest and transparent (where appropriate) with their kids.

Talk about your accountability, your standards, your boundaries to guard your heart


The Battle for Purity…

Is Constant – You don’t take a day off fighting for holiness. If you’re not beating sin, it’s beating you

In our over-sexualized age, we must be active in protecting ours and others’ hearts

1 Cor 10:12 – Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall

Is Tenacious – Since our first parents sinned, we’ve been hiding our sin and blaming others for it. 

Accept your identity of a warrior (Eph 6) and defy the tyranny of sin’s lies- 2 Cor 10:3-5

Is Lifelong – The arenas, desires, and actors always change, but there is always a battle

Duet 4:9 – Israel is called to keep their souls diligently by remembering God’s faithfulness.

Since it’s lifelong, invite others to fight with you as life changes!

Is Worthwhile – When we value God rightly, we see the goal of purity as most desirable

Thus our efforts toward purity are worthwhile

Contentment, thanksgiving are the blessings of putting off impurity and putting on purity – Eph 5:4. 

If you’re content, satisfied, then you will not strive after vain things – Jer 2:13, Isa 55

A rightly ordered sexuality is when we are not controlled by our urges, but submit them to Christ. 

It is not worth it to be controlled by our flesh – Gal 5; Rom 8:8-9


Purity Not Just in Action but Thought and Desire

Actions can be necessarily forced: confession, accountability apps, etc., but aren’t sustainable.

Actions, when submitted to Christ, form good habits that help us act a new creation in Christ. 

The goal isn’t just behavior, but renewed hearts (desires) and minds (thoughts) – Rom 12:1-2). 

This comes through submission to Christ by cultivating good spiritual disciplines


Purity Not Just in Rules but Relationship

Scripture’s main commandment is to love God, then to love your neighbor 

Purity is done in love for God and a love for others as you glorify God and build up others

Relationships with God and others are characterized by love and trust, not regulation 

The OT Law pointed to the day when God’s people would have new hearts where they freely loved and followed God’s commands – Gal 4-5; Jer 31; 2 Cor 3 

The Law wasn’t the main thing, it guided Israel towards the main thing: God dwelling with his people

God has already done the work in our relationship with him through Christ, and continues to do more than we ever could, our job is to receive his love and faithfully respond joyfully with confession, devotion, purity, love, and trust 

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