Raising Teens into Church Life pt. 4 – On Mission

Church is a blessing. The church, a local group of redeemed sinners worshipping God together through loving Him and loving others, is a blessing to those who participate in it. As a church we ought to help our young adults and teens see and experience God’s blessing by helping them participate in the functions of the church, both corporately on Sunday mornings and relationally in serving and fellowshipping. But the church’s mission to love God and others also extends out of its four walls and into the unbelieving world. Participating in God’s mission to the lost as a church is a vital way for young people to see and experience God’s blessing.

Matthew 10:5-15 is Christ’s preparatory directive to His disciples. He is about to send them out from Himself and into the world to proclaim God’s kingdom. Christ’s instructions are helpful for us to see what missions is like as a church body:

  1. Compassion – Matt 9:36 details Christ’s heart of compassion for the lost. Christ’s compassion for those separate from Him served as His motivation to come and restore the sinful to Himself. Therefore, the church ought to turn to others in the same compassion, in both prayer and practice. Parents, let’s season our lives with compassion. Church, let’s pray for increased compassion. Teens, look into God’s revolutionary compassion for you.
  2. Go and Proclaim – Matt 10:5-7 contains Jesus’ first command – His disciples must  go and proclaim that God’s kingdom (His redemption and rule) is here in Christ. Parents, let’s regularly proclaim God’s kingdom in our families. Church, let’s regularly proclaim Christ’s redemption and sovereignty inside and outside the church walls. Teens, remember Christ has called you to be on mission wherever you go.
  3. Give – Matt 10:8-10 develops the go and proclaim command by highlighting the target audience: those who are sick, dying, outcast, or stuck in sin, and the lifestyle of sacrifice that backs up the gospel message. God’s mission isn’t to the rich and it doesn’t seek earthly riches. Parents, let’s lead our households in the normal practice of humble sacrifice, starting with ourselves. Church, let’s make sure we are ministering to the needy and not those that we “need” things from. Teens, consider the grace of God toward you and how you can show others that love.
  4. Trust – Matt 10:11-15 reminds us that in all mission efforts, whether we believe them to be a success or failure, must be based on trust in God. Parents, let’s not be held back by perceived or predicted failures in our home ministry. Church, let’s praise God no matter the outcome of a ministry or relationship. Teens, think through what a radical faith in God would look like in your school, family, friend groups, and personal relationship with God.

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