A Father’s Prayer

Prayer is a necessary part of the family’s life. Therefore it is a necessary part of the father’s personal life and role in the home. Fathers, join me in prayer. Wives and children, join me in praying for the husband and father of your family. Parents and grandparents, join me in praying for our children as they grow in this role, or may soon take on this role.

Good and gracious God, may all glory be given to You.
You alone are sovereign over all;
by Your hand alone I and my family have been provided for richly.
You alone are merciful and powerful; 
all things, seen and unseen, point us to Your glory,
and in You we have all we need for faith and life.
You alone are compassionate and just;
sustaining my family and me,
while warning us of sin’s destruction and disciplining us in hope and love.

Lord, looking upon Your holiness, I must confess my own selfishness and pride,
my very own nature and being are shot-through with sin.
There are times when I seek my own good above the good of Your kingdom,
and above the good of those You have entrusted to me.
In these moments I take more than I give, 
I sacrifice others for my selfish gain instead of giving myself up for the benefit of others in You.
I understand the jeopardy I put myself and my family in during these times,
moreso the jeopardy I put my witness of You and Your love in.
I confess my unfaithfulness to You, do what You see fit in Your perfect justice, 
yet I ask for Your righteous cleansing and gracious sanctification.

What can I do other than give my life in thanksgiving to You?
You not only point out my sin but You point me to rescue in Christ crucified and risen!
Upon my own power there is no hope for me nor my family; 
but upon You, the Rock of Ages, we can stand in confidence, peace, and hope,
our sins are forgiven and we are restored to You, our Creator!
My family and I praise Your name, for You are our only Righteous Redeemer, 
allow me to lead well in this satisfying labor!

Good and gracious God, may I, as the husband and father You have created me to be,
reflect Your glory in faith, dependance, and worship.
May Your Spirit work in me to adore You, repent of my sin, give thanks unto You, and petition You for all things. 
I ask that You would deepen my love for Your Word and for personal holiness.
Lord, may all these good things be granted to me and then overflow into my home,
that I love my wife and children as You love Your church,
leading them toward you and away from sin and my own kingdom.
Make it that my family knows Your love for them through my love for You
and through my sacrificial love for them.
I pray with humble earnest that You redeem the children You have entrusted to me;
save them from death and unto Yourself by the knowledge of and faith in You.
May we make Your name great by loving You and loving others, forever relying on Your grace and power.

In all these things, we humbly praise and pray, in Jesus name amen.

One thought on “A Father’s Prayer

  1. Alicia Rada

    That was absolutely beautiful! Amazingly written ! I think I will incorporate it into my daily prayers!
    God bless you and may He continue to use you for His glory and furthering His kingdom!
    Alicia Rada


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