Devos for A Strange, New World – I Can Be Content

With churches not gathering, schools closed, sports scrapped, jobs furloughed, relationships fizzling, proms and graduations snubbed, and vacations axed – disappointment abounds. Disappointment is sadness caused by unfilled hopes and expectations. It can be difficult to handle. We have a choice in disappointment – continue in faith or not.

Philippians 4:13 says, “I am able to do all things through him who strengthens me.” You may wonder what this has to do with disappointment; Paul is writing (from jail, remember) about being content and faithful no matter the situation. Disappointment is a contentment issue, we aren’t content in the ways we want to be so we become disappointed. The power to be unshakably content comes from Christ and drives faithfulness. Whatever you think you lack you can find it completely in Christ.

How have you reacted to your disappointment – in selfishness or faithfulness?

Christ’s strength challenges us: First, do not become self-centered in your disappointment. When our expectations aren’t met we try to force satisfaction by clinging to whatever else we want. This is an exercise of selfishness. Rather, God calls us to find our satisfaction in Him and out of that satisfaction continue to the work of selflessly loving God and others. Christ is the remedy for our disappointment.

How does Christ fulfill each of your expectations?

What would it look like to live selflessly while working through disappointment?

Second, set your hopes on Christ alone. Sin during disappointment happens when your greatest hope is in something else other than Christ. You may have plans, rewards, goals all set up, but if your ultimate hope isn’t set on Christ then these things, whether they come to pass or not, will disappoint. Your hope is secure in Christ because He never fails and always fulfills His promises.

How can you prioritize hope in Christ?

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