Devos for A Strange, New World – Through Sorrow with Joy

COVID has brought many of us closer to death. This virus has made us think on mortality more – ours and our beloved. I pray this shouldn’t happen, but if a moment of loss comes, how will you react? Preparing to respond to loss biblically helps us process death’s sorrow with great joy.

Mourning loss is good. The Bible is open and honest about sorrow. Its characters (even God) show great sorrow as they face great loss. Mourning loss is a necessary step. Yet, you may be tempted to bottle up your emotions.

Celebrating good is good. David in 1 Samuel 1 celebrates Saul’s life (remind you he tried to kill David numerous times) as he mourns Saul’s death. Celebrating the good in one’s life is a way to recall God’s grace. Yet you may be tempted to focus on sorrow and ignore God’s blessing.

Seeking other Christians’ help is good. Trusting God’s people with your sorrow gives them a chance to work Romans 12:15-16 out and mourn with you. God’s love for you is felt and trusted through the church’s loving and selfless care of you. Yet, you may be tempted to isolate and abandon help of God’s people.

Remember God is good. What binds all these together is God’s character. Reflection on God’s character aids your heart and faith in time of loss. God is sovereign. God is good. God works for his glory and for your good. God orchestrates trials to perfect your faith. God brings those who love Him to heaven. In heaven, God comforts His people perfectly – no more pain, no more sorrow, no more sin. Yet, you may be tempted to abandon God when you need Him most.

How can you prepare yourself for loss?

What challenges do you face in loss?

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