Devos for A Strange, New World – Godly Free Time

With gatherings slowed or shut down you may have an abundance of free time. What will you do with your free time? Better question – what have you done with your free time so far? Binged Netflix, video games, or social media? Invested in house projects, work, school, or hobbies? Slept and lounged?

Free time is God’s blessing and can be used for above mentioned things! But, like all gifts from God, free time has a purpose. 1 Tim 4:7 directs believers to train for godliness. Free time is foremost a tool for personal growth in godliness. Godly growth happens through disciplined time with God, here are four disciplines:

1.    Bible Study – Through the Bible God reveals His character, goals, and works. 2 Tim 3:16-17 says God’s Word is profitable for training in godliness and making the believer complete! Studying the Bible (reading and applying it) matures the believer’s faith and godliness, making it the bedrock spiritual discipline.
2.    Prayer – Through Christ believers can commune with God – relaying joys, questions, concerns, and thanks to the God who hears! Prayer solidifies Bible study as you repeat learnings to God. Prayer solidifies faith as you praise God for who He is. Prayer solidifies peace as you trust God with your concerns and thanks.
3.    Meditation – In our world alone time and quiet time is foreign. Biblical meditation searches these out to reflect on God’s truth without interruption. Slowly, fully contemplating God’s truth settles it deep in your heart, making it a part of your identity not just a memorized factoid.
4.    Serving Others – Serving others trains godly humility and faith. Humility to put others first (as Christ did on the cross) and faith that sacrificial service glorifies God and points others to God.

What will you do with your free time?

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