Designed for Purity 8 – How Your Sin Affects Others (notes)

God’s Created Order

God has designed this world and humankind for his glory

God blesses those who live according to his design and for his glory; this is wise and faithful living

God judges those who selfishly reject his design; this is foolish and unfaithful living (a.k.a. sin)

Sin is always destructive, those who choose sin suffer its ends, both now and for eternity

Physical      Emotional      Relational       Intellectual      Spiritual

But God’s judgment and sin’s destruction don’t just impact us, they affect other around us

Sexual impurity, the selfish rejection of God’s pure sexual ethic, damages others around us

Physical      Emotional      Relational       Intellectual      Spiritual

An example of sin’s rippling destruction is found in 2 Samuel 11 – David’s Adultery with Bathsheba

David’s sin affects himself – he is responsible for his sin and thus his sin’s destruction to others

Notice his first sin is the refusal to be responsible/laziness

He lusts in his heart, he inquires with his mind, and then he acts out his sinful intent

He continues to work toward his selfish ends instead of God’s glory

David’s sin affects Bathsheba – causes her to suffer through his sin and its destruction

He impregnates her, mars her marriage vows, brings impurity to her

He takes her husband from her, causes her to mourn

His sin leads to the death of her son

David’s sin affects Uriah – pridefully takes more and more from him, to the point of killing him

He lies to him, gets him drunk, tempts his selfishness, tempts him to give up his responsibility

He takes his wife

He arranges his death

David’s sin affects Joab and Nathan – makes Joab complicit, makes Nathan confrontational

He makes him complicit in the killing of Uriah

He does not lead Joab in a godly, kingly way

Nathan is sent by God to confront David’s sin

David’s sin affects his offspring and future family – sin has far-reaching, unforeseeable consequences

God’s judgment claims the life of the son David and Bathsheba

God’s judgment brings disaster and sinful habits to David’s future generations

God’s judgment was public and thorough

How Sin Affects Those Around You

Impurity affects you by personally incurring God’s judgment and suffering sin’s destruction

Impurity affects your friends/family by making them complicit and positioning them to confront you

Impurity affects your boy/girlfriend by co-rebelling and co-experiencing sin’s consequences

Impurity affects your future spouse by bringing previous decisions and consequences into marriage

Impurity affects your testimony by destroying your public profession of Christ and private motives

What If I Have Failed?

Confess your sin to God and those you have wronged and made complicit in your sin

Trust Jesus is the perfect sent king who died and rose for you and by faith frees you from impurity

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