Designed for Purity 4 – Identity and Sexuality (Notes)

God’s Created Order

God has designed humankind with intended design and purpose for his glory

This includes our responsibilities, relationships, bodies, and identities

We are fundamentally designed by God – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally

We are fundamentally dependent on God – including our sexuality and identity

Trusting God’s design for us will lead to faithfulness and purity 

Denying God’s design and authority results in sin and brokenness

God’s Sovereign DesignGen 1:26-27

God sovereignly creates men and women with intended design for his glory

God has created humankind in his image (share in his characteristics and represent him)

God has created humankind be in blessed relationship with him

God has created humankind to live under his authority

God has created humankind as physical beings, with specific anatomy, and identities

Purity is God’s command, based in his character, for us to live by and be blessed by

Broken by SinRom 1:21-25

Sin breaks our very nature – heart, mind, bodies, behavior, and identity

Instead of exhibiting God’s characteristics, we exhibit broken characteristics

Instead of seeking a blessed relationship with God, we seek idols

Instead of living under God’s authority, we live autonomously

Instead of trusting God’s design for us, we deny him in honor of ourselves

LGBTQ+, deviant sexual desires, and impurity stems from the idol of the autonomous self

Redeemed by GodRom 8:1-11

Christ grants righteousness through repentance and faith – he heals, frees us from sin’s brokenness

Our ability to exhibit God’s character and represent him is restored

Our blessed relationship with God is restored

Our desire and ability to live under his authority is restored

Our trust in his sovereign design is restored

Our ability and desire to be pure is restored in Christ, for his glory

Living RighteouslyEph 2:5, 10; Gal 5:16-25; 1 Thess 4:1-3

The fight against sexual sin and identity crisis is not over – sanctification is a whole being process

The Christian must continue fighting against impurity by the power of the Holy Spirit

Lifestyle of repentance and faith

Memorize Scripture and proactively pray

Immediate and drastic change

Seek accountability and discipleship

For further study – Lambert’s Finally Free; Alcorn’s Purity Principle; Freeman’s Hide or Seek

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