Summary of Ruth from Winter Retreat

We had a great time learning from God’s Word at Winter Retreat! Spencer led us through the book of Ruth and called us to be surprised by God’s work in everyday life and in Christ his son. Faith in God leads us to risk things that we cherish for God’s glory and kingdom. Here are brief summaries of our time in God’s Word, I hope it blesses you as much as it blessed us. 

Ruth 1 – God often works most powerfully in our lives in our deepest pain and disappointment. The point of the book of Ruth is that God was working in the middle of a terrible time in Israel’s history, and also in the terrible situation of Ruth and Naomi. We need to be honest about pain and doubt in the Christian life so that we can understand true faith is not pretending that suffering is not a part of life, but by believing Godand trusting him for mercy in our suffering.

Ruth 2– We must look at all of life – the boring and exciting – through the lens of faith. God is working in the lives of his children for their good when life is hard, happy, or seeming to be going nowhere. God is working for the good of Ruth and Naomi through the normal events of life and the everyday goodness of Boaz. We trust God through the promises we find in his word, trusting that he sovereignly works all things for our good.

Ruth 3– Understanding that God is at work in our everyday lives motivates us to live lives of faith. A life of faith is marked by action, trust in God, and even risk. Ruth enters into a risky situation because she trusts God.

Ruth 4– The end of the book of Ruth demonstrates God’s heart to redeem, restore, and save. When life does not make sense, we must trust in who God has revealed himself to be in his Word and not throughout own wisdom. God often works in a mysterious way in our everyday life, but we can trust that his heart is good because he has demonstrated his heart towards us in the cross of Christ.

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