An Ongoing List of Resources for Family Discipleship

Resources for family discipleship can extremely useful in the making and maturing of your children into disciples of Jesus Christ. It is tough to find reliable and engaging resources that remain, above all, Christ and Bible centered. In an effort to help us all disciple our own family well (or prepare to disciple your future …

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Raising Your Children with the Help of Idols

Parenting is full of rough seas, from stress-filled dinners to the backlash from a teen to joylessness to a child's habitual, embarrassing disobedience. Parents can feel overwhelmed by it all, as if they are trapped in an ever-shifting, unsolvable puzzle and the only other sentient beings alongside them are their rebellious children. It is in these difficult or perplexing times parents turn to what they truly believe will offer them help, thus these are the times that parents are tempted to turn to their idols for help in raising their kids.